Summer Solstice 2021

The sun is here.He has arrivedAnd he has triumphed over the year. He shines, and he shines, and he shines.Unaware of his glory and brilliance,He casts aside shadows.He burns brightBut he does not burn out.This is his moment, his time to rule.No one will shorten his stay,Get in his way,Or end the celebration of the dayUntil he is ready. The sun is near.He has triumphed over the year,And I am so glad we are here. Happy Summer Solstice 2021 Continue reading Summer Solstice 2021


“Breathe in” she says, and I do. Music plays softly, as I breathe out again.She invites me to connect to my higher self.Skepticism stirs from slumber – “What is this irrational idea disturbing my sleep again?”Skepticism is exhausted from being on high alert – she is hypervigilant.She knows where I’ve been before, and won’t go far from me.She can sniff out bullshit from a mile away.I need this. Something else stirs. A feeling of relief. Something, or someone, is joyful. They are looking at me. I make them happy.I feel love.“You may feel a presence…”I feel this love and joyAnd … Continue reading Transcendence

Do Nicolas dream of covid zombies?

Yes, they do. Content note: mentions of covid. If this is too much right now, feel free to come back another time and read it, or skip it altogether. The other night I had a dream that a strain of covid developed that turned people into literal zombies. It was like the Walking Dead. I was in New York City, in an apartment high above a town square. I was looking down and there were thousands upon thousands of zombies moving through the square. I was with people I didn’t know, and we couldn’t get down there or we would … Continue reading Do Nicolas dream of covid zombies?

I miss blogging!

I recently came across my old blog from when I was in university as an undergraduate. I somehow managed to post over 300 posts on it over 9 years, with some help from some guest bloggers, and a great crowd of friends who consistently commented and kept the conversation going. Reading it was super cringeworthy, and there were attitudes and assumptions I held that were obnoxious or even harmful, and that’s difficult to read now. All I can do about that is own it, keep questioning my assumptions, and commit to not causing harm. And, the blog also holds some … Continue reading I miss blogging!

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hello my friends – it’s October 2020, and we have made it this far! Never would I have predicted that I would be parenting and working during a worldwide pandemic. I am very grateful to be in a part of the world where the community and government has worked together and minimised the damage of covid. It’s not over, but we are largely able to go out and about, with some precautions. Since last coming to this blog, many things have changed for me, and I’m sure for you too. Allow me to reintroduce myself. Work Since last publishing on … Continue reading Allow me to reintroduce myself

An open letter to the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett from Nicola’s anxiety

Dear Sir Terry, It has been many years since you were in Nicola’s life. You see, we were at odds for a long time. When she first picked up a copy of your book Soul Music, she was only thirteen, and I had a firm grip on her by then. She couldn’t be alone with her own thoughts, because I made them too dark and frightening for her. Some days I was really winning – she felt sick and struggled to focus on anything else other than the ideas I fed to her. And make no mistake, they were vivid … Continue reading An open letter to the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett from Nicola’s anxiety